Thursday, April 17, 2008

Even Clowns Are Sad Sometimes

This is my latest Etsy drawing. The inspiration for this drawing came from the picture of the Chloe outfit in "Another" magazine. I wanted to draw a lady clown with baggy trousers and braces with big buttons. The trousers didn't turn out as baggy as I would have liked but there you go. Drawings sometimes have a way of doing their own thing despite what the artist wants to happen.

The sketch is a rough idea of how I wanted the picture to look with a few additional tryouts of blouse design but in the end I plumped for something much simpler.

I love the smooth brown recycled sketching paper I have used for this picture. It takes ink well but buckles with watercolour which is why the coloured elements are coloured pencil instead. I have found a new "best friend" in the drawing world - cross hatching. Much quicker than pointillism and very enjoyable. I had to separate the trousers into sections though as cross hatching over a large area is never going to work and ruled lines look very static. I don't think it has turned out too badly and looks much better in reality than on screen.


postaletrice said...

Hello! I was simply browsing blogs and this one popped up and well, I though I would leave you a comment just to say that I find it very pleasing and sort of relaxing. I also like your artwork and I find it most interesting whenever you talk about the "when and why" of this or that drawing. As a small-format lover (postcards, ex-libris and such) I am also thinking that it could be quite interesting (I mean for me as a potential consumer) if you made umm... like a series of postcards, could be something like a package of 20 postcards with some of your animal-themed creations... well, just an idea. What else, I think my favorite drawing is that of the siamese cat (^-^).

Regards from Spain,

Cathy said...

Thanks for that postaletrice. I am pleased that you like my work. I will have to give some thought to your suggestion about the postcards or similar. Thanks once again.