Friday, May 8, 2009

It Rained On My Parade

This is a digital drawing called The Magic Land. A bit of a colour extravaganza really, but would definitely be noticed in a crowd. I don't know why blogger makes digital art look blotchy. This drawing took hours and there is definitely not a blotch in sight.
This is the preliminary sketch of The Magical Land. I didn't change the initial design as much as I usually do.
This is a digital image and as you can I wasn't quite ready to leave last week's fritillaries. This is the first time I have ever drawn a rabbit. I found the feet quite tricky.
The two images below are by artist Alexey Terenin. He grew up in Prague and was educated in Moscow. His work is very contemporary and strongly narrative and he has exhibited all over the world. I find his art visually beautiful, fascinating and intriguing. He has an extensive display of his work on his website here and if you want to see more of his art don't forget to check the gallery and the archive. I particularly love his Bridge Made Of Wings below.

A Bridge Made Of Wings Letter Delivery

I couldn't resist posting some photos of my brother and his partner's kittens. They are about 7 to 9 weeks old here and their eyes are just changing from blue to green. They are at the very active and into everything stage and also the scratching and biting stage which my poor, lacerated hands give testament to. They are little darlings though.

Abby in the basket
Mum Pixie with son Lickety
Poppy playing with dirty trainer laces Lickety


I wandered into one of my favourite London shops to get out of the rain on Friday. Paperchase is a never-ending delight of a shop and you want to buy practically everything but I managed to hold myself back. They sell books on the top floor now and I found this little gem. It is by Elisabetta 'Kuky' Drudi and is a guide to designing and drawing patterns for fashion. It is full of wonderful pattern blocks and glorious colours and shapes. Below are three pages from the book. I am not going in for fashion design but patterns are a strong part of my artwork and this book will prove to be very inspiring I am sure.
These are some examples of the gorgeous designs from the book. Lots of complex patterns and colour combinations

I found a wonderful textile artist called Elizabeth Cook who produced the lovely items shown below. She creates eco friendly home furnishings made from felted, recycled wool and reclaimed fabrics. The items are then appliqued with gorgeous leaf designs. I think her work is simple, stylish and stunning (a nice bit of alliteration there). Her website is also beautifully designed and easy to browse and can be found here. She has lots more designs like these.

These two greetings cards are by Andrew Pavitt for Art Angels. I love the stylised, printmaker style he has used. Lots of other lovely images by Andrew can be found on his website here.

This is a Kelly Hyatt card for Beaumonde. Kelly is very well represented at Paperchase and has some lovely designs on offer. I really like this stylised peacock.
The images below are all the work of artist Robert Kipniss. I think I have found someone who loves trees almost as much as I do. Robert Kipniss is a painter/printmaker who was born in America in 1931. His work is stylised and mostly monochromatic which enables you to appreciate his beautiful lines without distraction. There is a wonderfully haunting quality to his work and trees and landscape figure strongly. I love his work for its beautiful precision and simplicity. He uses the techniques of oil, lithography, drypoint, drawing and mezzotints. As you can imagine he is very well represented by galleries and on the Internet but the Weinstein Gallery here has a huge collection of his work and is well worth a visit.

An Island In The Forest
Evening Figures
Far Away
Breezes ll
A Late Awakening
It rained on my parade. I had decided to visit the Hatfield Craft Fair on Friday which involves a journey into London by train and then another out to Hatfield. I reached London but it was cold and raining heavily so I decided to visit some favourite haunts there instead of making my way to Hatfield. Hatfield Craft Fair is held outside in huge marquees but it is very unpleasant and squidgy in wet weather (believe me I have done it). It is a wonderful place on a nice day with about eight huge marquees containing masses of lovely art and crafts. Apparently it is the largest event of its kind in Europe. It is held at the Tudor palace of Hatfield House - home to Elizabeth 1. You can wander in the estate grounds which contain many massive trees of four hundred years old and more. It is worth going just to see the trees. Anyway that is all neither here nor there because I didn't go!


Caroline said...

Hello Cathy! I just love your bunny with fritillaries - if that was a card I'd be buying it! Well, I now see the similarity you mentioned - isn't your brother's cat the image of Tia?? Amazing!! And those kittens are just too cute for their own good - I want one! What beautiful images from Robert Kipness - so atmospheric! Sorry it rained on your parade - would have loved to have had a look at it had you gone - better luck next year!

Cathy said...

Yes Pixie and Tia are very similar Caroline. Pixie is a wonderfully caring mother and the kits are gorgeous if you can catch one to cuddle. They are like greased lightning now. It is best to catch them when they are sleepy.

Old World Primitives said...

Awwww - the kittens are SO cute! I really love your rabbit drawing and Alexey Terenin's "A Bridge Made Of Wings" too.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

I'm sorry it rained on your parade.
The Hatfield Craft Fair sounds like a lovely event. Aim for next years event.
The litte kitties are adorable. Their blue eyes are so pretty.
I love your rabbit drawing. I think you have done a wonderful job for a first time drawing. It's face is so sweet.

Alex at Papergrain said...

The kittens are too cute for words! And I also love the cushions you featured.

Cathy said...

Thanks Stephanie. I enjoyed drawing the rabbit. I may try some more.

Cathy said...

Thanks Phyllis. The kittens are mega cute, even though they run away when they see I will try for Hatfield again next year.

Cathy said...

Hi Alex. Yes, those cushions are really lovely. The applique designs are so simple but so beautiful.

Gillian said...

Hi Cathy! Love this post & agree with the other commenters that your rabbit is amazing! Very jealous that you can visit those kittens too - I have to wait until we move house to get a cat but I really cannot wait! The sculpture on my blog is "Children of Lir" by Oisin Kelly - depicting a story from Irish mythology (the children are transformed into swans by their stepmother).

Holly Zemak said...

Love the kittens, we watched ours being born, it was amazing. What beautiful work by Elizabeth Cook, such simple elegance. You did a great job on the rabbit, there is always one tricky part on any new subject matter.

Cathy said...

Gillian, that is so coincidental because earlier in the day I had found an old childrens book of mine with illustrations from just that same story which I thought I might post next week. I thought that sculture was lovely without actually knowing what it was.

Cathy said...

I once had the pleasure of watching kittens being born Holly. It is an amazing process. These kittens are so cute and funny; the things they get up to. I love Elizabeth Cook's work. It is really special.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A feast for the eyes here, as usual! I love your bunny....and I love Lickety!1 Gorgeous kitten!

You should bring him home, I think!!

Cathy said...

He is lovely Pamela but my favourite is Poppy, the little grey tabby. She is ultra cute.

bunnits said...

What cute kittens! I love your bunny. I have been working on trying to do some pencil sketches of mine, but I'm out of practice and am not satisfied with them. As always, your blog is really a feast for the eyes. Thanks so much.

Robyn said...

The kittens are so cute especially Lickety!
"Bridge made of Wings" stands out in my mind but there are so many other pieces that I would love in my home.

Cathy said...

Keep up with the sketches Melissa. I would love to see them. I may do some more rabbits now I have got the idea.

Cathy said...

Same here Robyn. So much lovely art and craft and not much money...ha ha.

BeadBag said...

A definite feast for the eyes - gorgeous post.

Cathy said...

Thanks Shirley. There is a lot in this post that I really love too.

Erssie said...

Saving your art as a jpg (if it was an AI doc e.g.) and then posting it on the web, can make it appear blotchy in places and makes the contrast or shades look wrong.

Personally, I have found that saving the AI doc as a PDF, then converting the pdf to a PNG ratyher than a jpeg seems to make it more true to the original....don't know why but it does!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the info Erssie. I have been saving things as Jpegs. I will have to try your way and see what the difference is.