Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blog Giveaway Winners and Batik Artists

I have picked the winners of my blog giveaway and I have decided that you are all winners. The nine people who left comments on the previous post are all going to receive a set of the greetings cards. I may have to reduce the white deer four to three as there are so many of you though. Perhaps you can all let me have your full names and addresses so that I can get them in the post asap before the Christmas rush begins and I hope you all like what you receive.

This is my pen and ink drawing of my own metal tiara design but inspired by the one below.
This is the photo of the lovely silver and gold tiara from the book of the same name by Geoffrey Munn.
A digitally coloured drawing of a very stylised willow tree.
Not sure what she is doing on a tree but it was fun drawing her.
This is an organic form inspired by a old book of plant photographs. I added a few bits of my own of course.
On a completely different note this is for Phyllis who shares my love of interesting and knobbly trees. This one is mega knobbly and I think it must be several hundred years old. We discovered it on a walk one day in Hertfordshire.
One of my favourite batik books with lots of lovely illustrations.
A great batik book by the Batik Guild with lots of interesting images of batiks being created and the history of the batik.
This is an artwork by Sandi McCann
The three batiks below are by Jessica Hughes. She has an amazing style and sense of colour

The two batiks below are by Alla Sviridenko. You can find the link to her website in the text at the bottom of the post.

This wonderfully coloured batik is by Susan Schneider.
The following images are by Marina Elphick. She has also illustrated books with her lovely batiks. I have posted the link to her website in the text at the bottom of the post.

Faux batik surface design
Well that is my first blog giveaway completed and I decided to make everyone a winner because it seemed a shame to choose, plus the fact that it is nearly Christmas. Also I had completed a lot of cards so I have enough to spare for everyone. I will get them finished and in the post asap. Will everyone who made a comment on the giveaway post before my last comment please let me know your names and snail mail addresses. I hope you will all like the cards. I certainly have enjoyed creating them.

My artwork this week is mainly drawing, probably because I can draw quite quickly and I haven't had a lot of time to spare. The metal tiara drawing is inspired by the picture of the actual metal tiara. I obviously didn't copy it exactly but I love the artwork itself and it is made of silver and gold which makes it rather precious. I got a book of tiaras out of the library for that picture so expect a few more as there are some wonderful ones in there.

My featured artists this week are batik artists. I love batik and have several books about it with wonderful illustrations. It is something I have always wanted to try but never got around to it. It is amazing how much detail the featured artists have created in their artwork. Alla Sviridenko is a silk painter as well as a batik artist but her work is well worth seeing whatever the method. Her website can be found here. Jessica Hughes doesn't appear to have a website but Marina Elphick can be found here. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the artworks.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Thank you so much for the blog give away. I love your cards and will cherish them. If you don't still have my address I will e-mail it to you.
Love your willow tree drawing. It's so colorful.
Thank you for posting the gnarly tree. It's the best. I've never seen so many gnarlies. It looks like it belongs in a Lord of the Rings movie. Wonder how old that tree is? I clicked on it to enlarge the pic and it's just awesome. It's so wide.
Thanks again and have a great week.

old world primitives said...

Eeeeeee oh my goodness I am so excited that I won! You are really too much of a sweetheart to have picked ALL of us as winners. :)

I am a fan of interesting and knobbly trees as well & completely love the photo of the old knobbly tree that you took (so fascinating!). I really like both your tiara drawing and the tiara that inspired it as well... I'd wear it. :)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Cathy
This is so generous
I am excited and looking forward to having cards from YOU
I love your tiara lady and the tree lady too !

Gillian said...

Oh I am so excited! This is the first giveaway I have (kind of) won!! The Batiks on this post are beautiful - I love the Jessica Hughes works. Thank You!
Gillian O' Leary
32 Portobello Harbour
Grove Road
Dublin 6

Cathy said...

Thanks Phyllis. I thought you would appreciate the knobbly tree. By the look of it and comparing it with similar that I have seen I would think it may be about 300 years old. I like to think so anyway. It certainly would look good on LOTR.

Cathy said...

Thanks Stepahnie. I would love a tiara like that picture too, especially in silver and gold. It is so unique.

Cathy said...

Glad you like the batiks Gillian. They are certainly beautiful. Thanks for the address for the cards.

Cathy said...

I hope you like the cards when you receive them Sandy. I will be beavering away today to get them ready.

Holly Zemak said...

Thank you Cathy, I am looking forward to receiving your cards and very nice to include all of us. Batiks are wonderful!!

Cathy said...

Thanks Holly.

zukzuk said...

Oh, look at that, my word verification is "print!"

It's always a delight to drop by your vivacious, colourful blog - only I should have done so sooner! I'm sorry I missed the giveaway, you did a great job with those cards.

Love that blue image of what looks like a mother and son by Este MacLeod in an earlier post and that fantastic knobbly tree!! Wish I could come upon one of your colourful willow trees when I next go for a walk!

Have a warm and wonderful holiday season,

Cathy said...

Thanks Helen. I never get easy word verifications like I agree about that picture by Este MacLeod. I really like that one best too. Hope you have a great holiday as well.

old world primitives said...

Hi Cathy,
I am back to let you know that you have won an award on my blog. :)


Cathy said...

Thanks very much for that sweet award Stephanie. I have been and collected it