Saturday, August 2, 2008

Colour Wheel, Balance and One White Horse

White Horse - Digital Artwork

Thought I would try a spot of architectural pen and ink drawing for a change
Balance - Digital Art

Sketch for "Balance" drawing

Dulux Paint Colour Cards in a very messy wheel

Peace Rose

Late again with the blog. I really don't know where the time disappears to. I swear time has speeded up in the last few years.

I have been adding to my extensive collection of Dulux Colour Cards lately. Our local DIY stores do the full colour range and I absolutely love them. I just sneak a few out at a time though. I love to go through all the colours when I am stuck for combinations of colours in a picture. They are very useful to just place together to see how the colours look like side by side. I am not sure I would want walls painted some of the darker shades but as an adjunct to art they are priceless. The ones in the photo are not in the correct spectrum order but I didn't have time to sort them out. I will do so one of these days because I think they have more impact that way. I often use colours in the order of the spectrum in my pictures. Nature knows best which colours go with which colours.

I have been busy computer painting this week. My white horse took absolutely ages to colour but I am pleased with the final result. The only thing wrong is two of the turquoises look very similar in shade when printed whereas on the computer one is much darker. It is my fault for using colours without printing them out on paper first. I must remember that in future.

I want to thank Mellanie "Genxsters" this week for awarding me an "arte y pico" award for posting a blog she enjoys reading. It was very kind of her. She is a very talented artist with a great ability to produce lifelike portraits among other things. Pop over to her blog here for a visit when you have a spare moment.

I am also quite pleased with my "balance" drawing. This was originally a bit of a sketchbook doodle but she gradually developed ballet shoes and I thought she needed to go "en pointe". I didn't even do too badly with the hands this time either. I have posted a picture of the sketch so that you can see how she started out. At some point her hair turned into side buns and she lost her "heart". Still that is the beauty of art - you can do what you like with


Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Cathy , I like Balance !
and yes get your hair style magazines out ....
bye for now

iHanna said...

Thanks for commenting in my blog so I could come over here and have a eye candy treat today - your drawings and watercolors are SO beautiful! What a treat on a sunday!

Cathy said...

Thanks Sandy. I am off to practice a few now.

Cathy said...

Thanks very much Hanna. I love your blog. So inspirational and creative.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Cathy,
I have something for you on my August 6 post on my blog. Enjoy

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Make that August 8.

feedthedog said...

lovely to find you and your gorgeous illustrations. and be lead to other inspirational artists, like Petra! what an amazing range of media she works with .. the embroideries are spectacular.

Cathy said...

Thanks very much Phyllis for the great award. That is really kind of you. Glad you enjoy my blogging and doodling.

Cathy said...

Thanks "feed the dog". Love your blog. Glad you liked Petra Borner. She is really quite amazing. Now if I could only design like her......!