Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Flowers and Work In Progress

In progress - The Garden of the Aliums

Designs for cards

A small pen and ink goose sketch

My watercolour palette

I have been out and about in the countryside lately photographing all the wonderful flowers around at this time. So much colour and inspiration and I haven't done one, single flower picture lately. Something I will definitely have to put right soon. The only problem with flower photography is that it has to be a very still day and we don't seem to have many of those in England recently. We seem to have lots more windy days than we ever did before. I wonder if it is a sign of global warming.

Artwise, I am in the process of drawing another female figure in pen and ink. You can take a peek at her above. This picture is to be entitled Garden of the Aliums because they are my favourite flowers. So far I have only done her head with a bird on top but the bird will be holding an alium on a stem and there will be several aliums growing around her. Aliums are quite tricky for pen and ink because the tiny stars are so very close together, so mine will definitely be stylised aliums. Nothing wrong with a bit of stylising I

I have also enclosed a few other pictures of random art and a view of my colour palette set out on paper - very useful when I am wondering what colours I have available. I have more colours than this but these are the most useful ones.

The little folky animals holding up the pieces of artwork will get a makeover in the not too distant future also. They are looking a bit grubby now and I fancy giving them a lick of bright colour. That reminds me I have three wooden cats that need painting too.......!


Sandy Mastroni said...

I love how your lady is coming along !

Cathy said...

Thanks Sandy. I am just off to do a bit more to her.

old world primitives said...

The pen and ink goose sketch is my favorite... I really like the cards and their cute little card holders too.

Cathy said...

Thanks Stephanie. I just fancied making that little sketch as decorative as possible.