Friday, May 29, 2009

Who Rides The Tiger

You may have noticed the Flickr gadget on the right sidebar. This is my new site to record all my drawings and artwork over the past year which I have produced for my blog. I thought it would be easier for anyone who wanted to see my work, to be able to see it all without having to go back to over a years' worth of older posts. I am still uploading them so it is not completed yet.

This was inspired by the old Chinese saying in the text. I have simply substituted the he for a she. This is an ink and watercolour drawing.
A purely digital image called A Tree To Be Proud Of. The leaves of the tree took ages to draw. I think they look a bit like a herringbone pattern.

This is a detail of my pen and ink and watercolour drawing called Sheltering The Red Birds.

And the complete drawing.

This is another Art Angel greetings card by Clare Curtis. This is called Winter Fox and is a linocut. It would make a lovely Christmas card. I love the contemporary graphic design.
This youtube song is called "My Immortal" and is beautifully sung by Gregorian. It was originally sung by Evanescence but I prefer this version.

The paintings below are by the very talented and imaginative artist Simon Garden. His work has a lovely sense of mystery and narrative, even when the people he paints are doing everyday things. You can find lots more of his artworks on his website here, and also here and here.



Leaf Gathering

These beautifully quirky ceramics are by Helen Martino. She has exhibited widely and is extensively collected. Many of her works display women in ordinary situations relaxing, dreaming or chatting to unseen persons, but she has quite a varied repertoire. My favourite of her pieces is the lady in the gold trousers below. Her website is here. You can also find a good selection of her work here and here.

This is one of the most beautiful blues I have ever seen. Definitely one of my favourite colours. I took this picture a couple of years ago and it achieved front page on Flickr.

Some handsome bovines I came across some time ago. I love the curiosity of cows.

Oystercatchers are always great to see in real life and in art and craft. I often use them in my own work. These cute fellows are embroidered by Amanda Wright. They are also known as "Sea Pies" which is a lovely name for them.

I love this vintage bird embroidery found at a sale by Flickr member Art Craft Thrift. I think the red bird is an American Cardinal.

I love all birds but I am particularly fond of rooks. They epitomise the English countryside for me. The sounds of them quarrelling and chatting while building their nests in the rookeries in February is an enduring sign that spring is on its way.

These images are by artist and printmaker Adrienne Peverall. Her work is varied but very much inspired by Cornwall where she lives. I have always loved her rook etchings and paintings. She gives them such character and personality. You can find some more of her images here.

And here are three of my photos of rooks. They are very wary birds and very hard to get close-ups of unless you have a long range lens. These were tempted by a bit of food.

The paintings below are all the work of Irish artist and sculptress Margaret Egan. She imparts a wonderful sense of narrative and mystery to her figurative artwork, almost as if the viewer could step into the lives of the people she paints. She is also has a great love for and talent for painting the seas around the Irish coast. Two galleries where you can find lots more of her art are Courcoux & Courcoux and Solomon Fine Art.

Ladies Day
Yellow Dress
Moment Of Happiness
After The Ball 2
I will Go On
White Lady
The Artist
I enjoyed watching Britain's Got Talent along with a huge portion of the country. There were some really good acts. I think Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice but I think she was definitely suffering from serious nerves on the night. Apparently she has been hounded by the paps recently and for someone previously living in relative obscurity, that must be quite frightening. I am glad in a way that she didn't win. She is now well known enough to make the most of her singing but will not have the terrible stress of appearing on The Royal Variety Show. She may not agree with me of course..ha ha. I am also glad the little girl Hollie didn't win for the same reason. She seemed to be having trouble coping and I don't think her voice is strong or reliable enough for public singing at the level of TRVS. Diversity, the winners, were absolutely amazing. Incredible choreography from the leader. I think they are on a par with Flawless for great dancing but Diversity just came out with the better showing on the night. I am sure Flawless will find their dancing careers boosted though. I hope so anyway.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Has Arrived

This is a detail of a pen and ink drawing with digital colouring called Little Thief. This is a larger version of the above but a lot of the detail gets lost when the image is a large portrait style one.

White Lady
Pen and Ink drawing entitled Kathryn
I love the patination and colours of this copper weathervane. It was made in the mid-1800's and is in the collection of the Beamish Museum, which is an open air museum of social, agricultural and industrial history of Great Britain.
These two images are the work of celebrated Irish artist Barry Castle. She was born in Dublin in 1935. There is very little about her on the Internet but she has been painting since 1968 so she must have produced a lot of work. Her images are very contemporary and mysterious and very sought after.

Girl With Yellow Flowers
Two Girls In A Rainforest
For those of you who love folk music, here is a song on youtube by the now defunct Irish band Emmett Spiceland. It has wonderful harmonies and beautiful voices. Such a shame they broke up.

Soak up some outrageous colours with the paintings of Vladimir Olenberg who is a Russian artist. There are some quite incredible Russian artists around. You can see more of his amazing work here at

This gorgeous cockerel needlepoint tapestry cushion designed by Elian McCready represents my longest lasting UFO. I first saw the design years ago when a friend, Hannah, gave me an Ehrmann tapestry catalogue that had belonged to her mother. I thought, yet, that is one needlepoint I must do as I had fallen in love with the beautiful design and colours. Unfortunately, to date, I have only completed the head, comb and wattles. Not because I do not want to finish it but because I am loath to complete another needlepoint that needs stretching on completion. Nearly all the needlepoint work I do now is done with Victorian cross stitch which means twice the wool, twice the stitches but no stretching required. I think I may have to follow the colour chart of the design with a piece of my own canvas and use two ply Appletons wool. I will probably wrap up the existing canvas and wool and donate it to a local charity shop for someone else to finish. It really is too nice a design to leave as a permanent UFO.
Spring brings us a wealth of amazingly zingy greens. This is a path atop an ancient and historic moat belonging to a ruined castle where the great and good of Saxon England offered the Norman William their allegiance and the crown in 1066. Not a sight of anything now other than peace and quiet now.
This lovely angel is pointing the way to heaven for her erstwhile human companion. I have photographed this one many times with the leaves in all seasons. It is placed on a high bank and if you are not careful you can end up falling quite a distance. Not pleasant among the brambles.

Another sweet little monumental angel which decorates a child's grave in a local cemetery. This one is beautifully artistic.

The English bluebells are just coming to an end now. Such a shame that they don't last longer. They really make the woods and fields magical.
Have you noticed an abundance of aquilegia around at the moment? My mother says they used to call it "Granny's Nightcap" when they were children and I suppose it does look a bit like a night cap (with a large helping of imagination of course). It is also called Columbine and Granny's Bonnet.
These three pieces below are the work of Angie Hughes who is a UK textile artist and tutor. She is particularly inspired by poetry, text and the natural world. She produces beautifully embroidered work, textile and altered books and mixed media artwork and a display of her art can be found on here website here.

Hung With Stars
Trinity (detail)
Three Spikey Flowers
The paintings and ceramic pieces below are the work of artist and printmaker Hilke MacIntyre. She is married to painter/printmaker Ian MacIntyre and they share a great website here. She produces paintings, ceramics, linocuts and illustrations and there is lots to see on their site. Hilke is German born but now lives in Scotland with her family. She describes her work as simplified and figurative in style and is inspired by, among other things, primitive and folk art. Her work is delightful with great attention paid to pattern and shape. Her work can be found in many galleries in the UK.

Blue Bird
Picking Rocket
Market - Fish Stall
Garden With Bird
Market - A Bunch Of Carrots
This lovely ceramic is a called A Bunch Of Flowers.
This is a ceramic piece called Digging, Raking, Cutting, Picking.
These are Art Angels greetings cards by Hilke MacIntyre. The are called Along The Beach (L) and Along The Burn (R) The detail on them is really lovely and they are much too nice to send to anyone. They will stay in my card collection...ha ha. (I have found a local shop which sells lots of the Art Angels printmaker cards so I am very happy about that.)

Summer appears to have arrived early in the UK. We had our first temperature of 24C today. Another two degrees and that is the limit of my comfort zone...ha ha. I strongly suspect that it may get very much higher than that in the next three months. The weather forecasters have threatened us with temperatures of over 30C and that is way too hot for me. Perhaps they will be wrong...(hopes).